Remote Support

For those issues that don't quite warrant an on-site visit, remote support/remote control is now available. With this option, I can fix your ailing machine via the internet.

How does it work?  Well, I direct you to a website and give you a uniquely-generated six digit ID number, which you enter into a text box on that website.  You download a small program file, the program runs, and a permission box pops up asking you for permission for me to control your computer.  After permission is granted, an online chat session opens, allowing us to communicate.

Once I fix the problem, the session is disconnected, and everything goes back to normal--problem solved!

Please note: Remote support works only after you explicitly give me permission, you can disconnect me at any time, and you can see everything I'm doing. 

See the Rates page for the (potentially money-saving) Remote Support rates.

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