About Us

My fascination with computers and the internet began in 1997 when I saw just how powerful and fun they could be.  As an information "junkie", I was constantly looking for more knowledge on just about any subject, and in the process began learning about computer troubleshooting and repair.  When I became a real estate agent in 2001, I drafted myself to the position of "Office Computer Guy", and the real education began!  Networking, upgrades, troubleshooting: I learned a ton there, and I still take care of the computing and networking needs of my old real estate office. 

I'm still a part-time Realtor, but my primary focus is on computing technology.  When I can, I devote some time every day to "continuing education"--it's a constantly evolving business, so I try to keep up with emerging trends and technology so I can best serve my clients.

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